Friday, June 22, 2007

bsdtalk118 - Sidsel Jensen from EuroBSDCon

I'm sorry the podcast was unavailable for a few days due to a server upgrade problem.
Congratulations to SDF for 20 great years of public Unix access.
Congratulations to NetBSD on a great new web site.

Interview with Sidsel Jensen from

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

bsdtalk117 - One Time Passwords

  • Important when you don't trust the computer you are using, such as a library computer or internet kiosk.
  • Available by default in Free/Net/Open BSD.
  • FreeBSD uses OPIE, Net/Open use S/Key.
  • One time passwords are based on your pass phrase, a non-repeating sequence number, and a seed.
  • Initial setup should be done directly on the server.
  • "skeyinit" for Net/Open, "opiepasswd -c" for FreeBSD.
  • Enter a pass phrase that is not your regular account password.
  • Find your current sequence number and seed with "opieinfo" or "skeyinfo", for example: "497 pc5246".
  • Generate a list of the next 10 passwords and write them down, using "opiekey -n 10 497 pc5246" or "skey -n 10 497 pc5246".
  • When you log in from a remote machine that might have a keystroke logger, you can now use a one time password instead of your regular password.
  • For OpenBSD, log in as account:skey, for example "bob:skey", which will cause the system to present the s/key challenge.
  • For NetBSD, the system will always present you with the s/key challenge if it is configured for your account, although you can still use your regular password.
  • FreeBSD by default will force you to use a one time password if it is configured for your account.
  • If you want both OPIE and password authentication, FreeBSD allows you to list trusted networks or hosts in /etc/opieaccess.
  • Instead of carrying a list of passwords around, you can use s/key generators on a portable device that you trust, such as a palm pilot.
  • For more info, check the man pages.
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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

bsdtalk116 - Rick Macklem and NFSv4

I was interviewed recently at

Interview with Rick Macklem about his work with NFSv4.
More information at

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Friday, June 01, 2007

bsdtalk115 - Jun-ichiro "itojun" Itoh Hagino

Interview with KAME project core researcher Jun-ichiro "itojun" Itoh Hagino.


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