Friday, December 23, 2005

BSDTalk002 - Intro to Installing software

Good news - Netbsd 3.0 released today!

General introduction to installing software on BSD systems
  • Packages and ports
  • Tracking -stable or -current

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Anonymous said...


I would like to thank you effort to bring clear knowlegde from the geeks to the newbies. I am a recent BSD user. I have tried in the past to use linux, but I was not very happy... they look too complicated to be understand. I tried debian. It was good, specially the package management. I used in a Powerbook. Now since I have a macbook running OS X (BSD flavor) I thought to give a try to FreeBSD. I found a thinkpad 600 in the trash and I refurnished to be in working condition. I installed FreeBSD and it works great. I was very pleased with the documentation available and for the first time I feel confident in want I am doing because I understand.
So... thanks and will track your archives to learn more.



PS: could you make available in cd all the mp3 episodes?