Tuesday, February 21, 2006

bsdtalk019 - Interview with Brian Tiemann

Interview with Brian Tiemann, Author of FreeBSD 6 Unleashed.


Anonymous said...

Hey Will, read my comment in the bsdtalk018 podcast about audio quality.

Anyways, Keep up the good work, the podcasts are a really great idea! Another good idea would be a video show like SYStM, but with a focus on BSD and general UNIX stuff.

Show idea's:
*Shells; tcsh, csh, sh, bash, zsh, ksh
*Shell scripting
*sed, awk, perl, regular expressions
*Building Firewalls, Routers, Gateways
*Desktop environments and Window managers
*Software RAIDs
*Job Control, cron
*Installing Java
*Installing Web Browser Plugins
*Building a custom kernel
*ULE & 4BSD scheduler, Preemption
*Unix Permissions, chmod, chown
*managing users and groups
*Linux Binary Compatibility
*eMail server, MTA, sendmail/qmail/etc.
*Setting up OpenLDAP
*top, systat, iostat, etc.
*man pages, whatis, whereis, find, etc.

Mr said...

Thanks for listening. A video show would be fun, but very time consuming. I don't know much I would want to get into specific command examples, as the spoken word is not great for explaining long and often strange commands, but general concepts work. Thanks for the ideas.

Anonymous said...

much better audio quality on this one.

for show ideas i'd prefer to avoid generic unix topics such as:
shells, shell scripting, cron, etc
and maintain the focus BSD.

perhaps more on BSD advocacy, where we can find help, how we can provide help and getting more involved with the BSD community in general.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone has mounted FreeBSD on a laptop using Centrino Duo technology. I think that would make in interesting topic for a show.

Unknown said...

Hello, please tell me where i can get the videos.