Friday, April 21, 2006

bsdtalk034 - Interview with Mark Brewer from Covalent Technologies

  • FreeBSD and NetBSD released first quarter status reports for 2006
  • OpenBSD has had some nice donations from Mozilla and
  • I won't be able to make it to BSDCan in May, but i'm willing to post any interview you can get at the event

Interview with Mark Brewer from Covalent Technologies.


Anonymous said...

Great interview! :)

I'd like to have gotten a little more insight into why Linux may have taken some market share away from in the BSDs in the enterprise, but other than that, great interview!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Mr.

I like this idea with interview. But can I get text of this interview and previosly?

With best regards!

Anonymous said...

Another great show. I've been listening for a while now and I find this show very informative and interesting as well. I just want to say keep up the good work, every bit of it is much appreciated. Thanks.