Thursday, April 27, 2006

bsdtalk036 - Interview with Arjan van Leeuwen from Opera Software

Interview with Arjan van Leeuwen from Opera Software.

File info: 8MB, 17 min.


Anonymous said...

Great Job!

You are faster then the speed of light ...

Anonymous said...

Hmm...I forgot they were still around. It certainly was nice to get tabbed browsing in the days before Netscape released it's source code...

Anonymous said...

Opera makes a fantastic browser. Despite being hooked on Firefox addons (AdBlock, Greasmonkey, etc), Opera is my browser of choice in FreeBSD. It's stabler and a lot quicker than Firefox.

Anonymous said...

WOW, Impressed! Opera 9 is fast on FreeBSD/KDE! If your desktop is KDE and you don't like Konqueror skip Firefox and give Opera 9 a try.

The Bad, thus far:
It's source code is closed.
Font sizes are messed up.
Doesn't use KDE's file manger for dialog boxes, etc.

The Good:
less then 5 minutes to install, from the ports tree.
Faster then Firefox.
Feels stabler then Firefox.
Uses the QT library!
Great KDE integration after you install the Plastik skin and fix the font issues.

Because it's a QT based app when you download and install the Plastik skin it acts, feels, and looks like a native KDE app, sans the file manger dialog boxes. It has great potential, to bad the source code is locked up.

Anonymous said...

Did you stop updating your iTunes feed? This episode doesn't seem to show up!

Mr said...

Sorry about the iTunes feed. I don't know what goes wrong, and sometimes it doesn't like the feed that feedburner pulls out of blogger. I think it is working now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it is. Thanks!