Thursday, May 04, 2006

bsdtalk039 - Interview with BSD Developer Scott Ullrich

Interview with BSD Developer Scott Ullrich, who works on pfsense, the BSD Installer Project, and Dragonfly BSD.

File info: 7MB, 15 Minutes.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to have heard the quesion asked "What's the difference between m0n0wall and pfsense?", I know I might be able to research that on the web, but it would have been a nice touch for the interview.

Mr said...

I tend to avoid asking questions like that, as they can often turn into "what is better?".

Anonymous said...

pfSense is better in that it is bigger with more stuff. However m0n0wall is better in that it is smaller with less stuff.

Remember, m0n0wall is targetted at a specific level of hardware platform, which is the Soekris or Wrap (a 486 133MHz with 64 or 128 Mb ram, and low power consumption.) pfSense requires 64 Mb minimum and really should have 128 Mb ram. Likewise, m0n0wall gets away with an 8 Mb CF card (and will not use any more) while pfSense really needs a 256 Mb card or bigger.

I've used both fine, but I use pfSense cos it does More Cool Stuff.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know what features that is lined up for the future releases of pfSense.
Though i am a Windows man myself with a lot of Server 2003 at home, i'm using a CARP pfSense setup as my firewall solution. It's just so damn good.