Friday, August 11, 2006

bsdtalk060 - My BSD History

FreeBSD Foundation's Semi-Annual Newsletter.
New FreeBSD Core Team.
NYCBSDCon Call for Presentations due Aug 15.
BSD booth at Linux-days in Essen, Germany on Sept 9 and 10.

My BSD History, and a bit on accessibility.

File Info: 5MB, 10Min

Ogg Link (fixed):


Anonymous said...

Thankyou for querying how to make BSD accessible. I have M.E. and for the last 5 years have been rendered largely unable to read and mostly unable to communicate.

I listen to podcasts such as your own (very good :), the RunYourOwnServer podcast and the podcasts.
With the exception of RYOS and bsdtalk I have found very little clearly presented audio about the BSD's.
I am an avid listener to your podcast and look forward to any further light that can be shed on this subject of accessibility.

n.b. This link is probably the closest I've found to a podcast directory for any BSD information.

Keep up the blogging, I find it very informative, interesting and entertaining.


p.s. I'm using Opera to websurf and can type this comment solely because it lets me zoom pages without distorting their layout, each character of this text in the comment box is currently 50mm tall yet the display is still 1 screen wide :). Another feature I use regularly is Opera's spell checker; with Aspell installed Opera has a spell checker feature that allows me to spell check any of my comments or forum messages before I post them. This greatly speeds up my technique and makes it much easier for me to communicate with clarity and (relative) ease.
( It was only 3 hours to compose this comment, before it would have been many exhuasting days or weeks. )

Anonymous said...

Check your ogg link again, it links to the mp3.

Anonymous said...

This link worked for me when I downloaded the ogg version of the podcast.

Jim Crigler said...

Will (Wil?) - You forgot to tell us: Emacs or vi?

Anonymous said...

Hiya Douglas,

I didn't know what ME was so I had a look. I know it as CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome).
I was trying to figure out if there was a reason that might prevent you from using a voice recognition program to dictate your message. 3 hours is a long time.

Stay happy,