Monday, September 11, 2006

bsdtalk064 - Interview with NetBSD Developer Jason Thorpe

Interview with NetBSD Developer Jason Thorpe

File Info: 18MB, 38Min.

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Anonymous said...

Great interview with thorpej. It was cool to hear his perspective on NetBSD after reading the mailing list for so long.

Though I didn't hear any questions about that Zembu Packet (classifier?) thing... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone beat me to it, but I made a transcript of this and put it at

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Will,
I had requested this interview, and it was great to hear from one of the NetBSD crowd. You did an excellent job in the questions you asked, and the discussion you got going between you. Jason did a great job encouraging people to just give NetBSD a try and then get involved. It is also exciting to hear of his continued development work on NetBSD even if he hasn't turned on one of his Alphas for a while.

Jason, if you are watching this thread, thank you for your willingness to be interviewed by Will.

BSDtalk is really doing its part to help give the BSDs more exposure, and to introduce us to some of the names we see on mailing lists and forums.


Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure -- hopefully Will will have more NetBSD developer interviews in the future!