Monday, January 15, 2007

bsdtalk093 - EMC Lab Admin Glen R. J. Neff

News: FreeBSD 6.2 released, FreeSBIE Live CD 2.0 released.

Interview with EMC Lab Administrator Glen R. J. Neff.

File info: 15MB, 30Min.

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Anonymous said...

I am on the mailing list of Freesbie and I just got the news of its release a few minutes ago so I am very happy to find the podcast so quick!
Excellent job

Anonymous said...

I am from Windhoek,Namibia. There are not to many people involved with FreeBSD or other BSD's where I live. BSDTalk is about the only tech talk I hear the rest I read. I enjoy all the talks about people doing amazing things with the operating system I came to love. Even though I live fairly isolated BSDTalk keeps me in the loop and makes me part of a wonderful sharing community.
Thank You! To the Host and Geusts