Tuesday, March 20, 2007

bsdtalk104 - Getting to know X

Getting to know the X Window System.
Make sure you are in a text only mode. You might need to change how the system boots, or boot into single user mode.
  • "startx" to make sure X is working right.
  • "X" by itself gives the basic grey screen.
  • "ctrl" and "alt" and "backspace" keys at the same time will zap X.
  • "X & xterm -display :0"
  • "xterm -geometry +300+300"
  • "twm" or "metacity"
File Info: 10Min, 5MB.

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hatchan said...
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HeavensRevenge said...

That was awesome, simple and short, but the REASON why I even started getting interested in your cast's is how to use BSD. Meaning something prepared by you or someone else, helpin how to use BSD in general, or even have special BSD topics concerning the other flavours of BSD is what I like. A nice guide or intro to something useful and handy as an applicatinon or suite, other than an interview. BSD Talk has, I think, focused on too many interviews and hasent really helped with the actual use of it, sure you talk about USES, but not HOW to use. So thats my opinion on why I really liked this episode. :)

Unknown said...

This was an outstanding podcast. There are so many things that Windows users like me just don't get, and I think X is one of them. Thank you and I hope you can do more tutorials like this. I use OpenBSD at home and it is a slow process coming up to speed on it because I don't use it that much compared to Windows.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again! Your the best!
One of the best and most interesting PodCast out there.

Anonymous said...

First I would like to thank you for the production of this podcast that is quite rare in the BSD world. It is very nice but I think you focus too much on the interview perspective. I think that you should make interviews more the users of BSD than to the developers. I fully agree with eric in such matter.

I hope you can make some comments on that.