Thursday, December 20, 2007

bsdtalk136 - PF with Peter N. M. Hansteen

Can you believe that it has been two years? A lot has happened in the land of BSD since December 2005. Thank you for listening and for your support.

An interview with Peter N. M. Hansteen, recorded by Michael Dexter on behalf of BSDTalk. If you would like to learn more about the PF firewall, check out "The Book of PF" which is available at

File Info: 16Min, 7MB.

Ogg Link:


Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd Birthday, bsdtalk! :)

Anonymous said...

finally you are back!. Happy 2nd birthday! Thanks for 2 years of good work.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday and happy new year. Keep up the good work.

EMCDude said...

Just picked up the PDF copy from the No Starch website & I have to say its GREAT!

Thank you Peter & Thank you BSDTalk.

Anonymous said...

Just got a copy of the book. Highly recommended! It comes at a very reasonable price, too.