Tuesday, February 05, 2008

bsdtalk140 - The Mult Project with Kristaps Dzonsons

Interview with Kristaps Dzonsons.

We talk about the Mult project, which is "an on-going research project to create a high-performance instance multiplicity system." You can find more information at http://mult.bsd.lv/. He also gives a quick update on Sysjail.

File Info: 30Min, 14MB.



Anonymous said...

Is it only me or did you upload the file in FTP ASCII mode?

Anonymous said...

The OGG version sounds fine. The MP3 intro music sound fine, but the intro text and interview sound bad.

Mr said...

What are you using to play the mp3?

MrViklund said...

Thanks for another great Podcast!

reggy said...

I use Winamp,its the best mp3 player in internet.

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