Thursday, April 17, 2008

bsdtalk147 - FreeBSD Developer Alexander Motin

Interview with FreeBSD Developer Alexander Motin. We talk about mpd, the netgraph based Multi-link PPP Daemon. For more information, see

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Anonymous said...

Ok this interview is too funny. My son had the time of his life listening the way he pronounces ppp*.

Never the less, the interview as always was very interesting.

Anonymous said...

I was very glad to hear this guy. Thanks to him and FreeBSD team our company in Ukraine has no need to use proprietary products to give PPTP and PPPoE Internet access to our customers.
MPD makes FreeBSD the most powerful opensource NAS in the world!
Great thanks and good luck to Alexander!

Anonymous said...
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MrViklund said...

Thanks again for a great podcast!
Awesome work all this time!