Thursday, May 29, 2008

bsdtalk151 - Sean Cody from Frantic Films VFX

Interview with Sean Cody at BSDCan2008. We talk about his use of BSD at a visual effects studio.

File Info: 13Min, 6MB.

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Richard said...

Love these BSDTalks, thank you very, very much!

Anonymous said...

just an idea if you get a chance ... adding the links that are spoken about in the interview

he works for Frantic Films:

He referenced:
as a place he blogs.

Also, I love these interviews, thanks for doing them

Anonymous said...

Great stuff:

"If I can't do it in OpenBSD, there's a very small change I can do it in something else"

Very well put, and I wish I had the luxury of not needing to know windows :-)

And more case studies like this please :-)

Anonymous said...

BSDTalk all the way

Anonymous said...

Yes, these interviews are great. Thank You very much for that. We can reach human aspects of the technollogy arround BSDs.