Thursday, November 20, 2008

bsdtalk165 - Julian Elischer

An interview with Julian Elischer at MeetBSD in California. We talk about his early days with BSD and his work using BSD at various companies. He is currently with IronPort, which was bought by Cisco.

File Info: 35Min, 16MB.

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Anonymous said...


The file seems to be truncated at 16 MiB. But your summary states it should be 35 MiB. I listened to it and it does seem to be stopping at around 19 minutes, and of course seems to stop abruptly at that point.

I like it so far. Elischer has been involved with the project so long, that he has a lot of interesting anecdotes about the project, especially relating to the early days. Hopefully you can interview more people like him. An interview with the founders of the NetBSD project (Hannum, etc)would be interesting as well. I noticed Elischer mentioned some history about the Jolitz's, and it would be interesting to hear a bit about their involvement in starting 386BSD, and their opinions of the BSD landscape today.

Anonymous said...

On the rss feed I see:
File Info: 35Min, 16MB

Are you maybe mistaken the 35 minutes for Mb? I recomend a redownload.

I could hear the full show without a problem.

Interesting interview. Tnx for the time you put in this podcast. I really apreciate it.

Anonymous said...


You're right, I meant 35 minutes. I downloaded the file manually today, and now iTunes does recognize that it's 35 minutes long. But even though the file has been updated manually, and recognizes that it's 35 mins vs. 19 mins, I can't move the playhead past that 19 min position -- however it will play to the end when starting at that 19 m position, odd.. So, I wonder if I happened to download the file when it wasn't fully uploaded to the server or something, and iTunes still retains the size of the original copy.

Also I had overlooked the fact that Will all ready interviewed the Jolitz's back in 2006. It's worth listening to if you found this one interesting.

Anonymous said...

Interesting interview!
I would like to give a word of encouragement. I really enjoy these interviews and you are making a really good job. Keep up the good work!