Thursday, June 25, 2009

bsdtalk175 - BSD Fund with Michael Dexter

Interview with Michael Dexter about BSD Fund. We talk about the release of the BSD Fund Visa Credit Card, PCC, and various other projects. More info at

File Info: 23Min, 10MB.

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Michael Dexter said...

I'm pretty sure I meant "questions were answered"... :) Michael

Haida said...

Just applied for one... Man, if there were a business credit card with the same thing, then we'd be talking. Good stuff though. I've wanted one ever since I saw the Linux card 10 years ago.

Aragon said...

WHOA, I love the BSD Fund card. I wish it were available to non-US citizens!!!


Anonymous said...

No fair, how dare he think of only Americans.

Michael Dexter said...

We're working on corporate and non-US cards. Stay tuned!