Tuesday, July 07, 2009

bsdtalk176 - Unbound with W.C.A. Wijngaards

Interview with Wouter Wijngaards from NLnet Labs. We talk about the Unbound DNS resolver. More information at unbound.net.

File Info: 13min, 6MB.

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terminus said...

Thank you for this interview. It was wery interesting to hear comments about unbound from it's major developer.

As Wouter has mentioned there is anower one NLnet Labs project named NSD - authoritative only, high performance name server. It is grate product and it is also BSD licensed as well! Hawe you plans to talk with it's developers team?


KarlV said...

Thank you again Mr!
Your Podcast is one of a kind. Thank you for everything you have done for such a long time. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

anyone know when the next one is??

please interview: Theo de Raadt sometime. Would like to hear what he has to say about openbsd.

Mr said...

More coming soon...