Saturday, October 31, 2009

bsdtalk178 - Richard Clayton - Evil on the Internet - EuroBSDCon

A recording from EuroBSDCon 2009: Richard Clayton - Evil on the Internet.
A perfect topic for Halloween. This talk covers phishing, mule recruitment, fake escrow, fake pharmacies, fake banks, ponzi schemes, link spammers, etc. Scary stuff.

File info: 1h 9min, 33MB.

Ogg Link:


Sevan / Venture37 said...

Very interesting Will, Thank you, any chance of posting the slides to the talk??

Unknown said...

that was very interesting talk, tha k you Will! keep up the goodwork :D.

oh btw, can you put all the episodes in a rar or .gz format? so you don't need to download each of the episodes, if you want them all? as a option.

relaxed said...

@ crash

Look here:

Unknown said...

thank you for that @relaxed, that was the command i need :D