Monday, November 30, 2009

bsdtalk180 - OpenBSD Enthusiast Girish Venkatachalam

FreeBSD 8.0 is out, and I'm hoping the Xen DomU support means that I can use it on Amazon's EC2 soon.

Interview with OpenBSD enthusiast Girish Venkatachalam.

File info: 25Min, 12MB.

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Rory Arms said...


I don't think there is DomU support in FreeBSD 8 yet. I just looked at the release notes to verify, and do not see a mention of it there. I think all they've done is better tuned it in Xen HVM mode. I believe DomU support was one of the goals with the v8 release, but I assume it still hasn't been completed.

Anonymous said...

And I thought I was overly Enthusiastic about OpenBSD!

Great show!