Thursday, February 16, 2012

bsdtalk212 - Justin Sherrill from the DragonFlyBSD Project

Interview with Justin Sherrill from the DragonFlyBSD project.
We talk about the upcoming 3.0 release, Hammer version 2, and the general status of the project.

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Anonymous said...

do i get this correct? the guy is talking about nas raid 1? and using tokens? it really doesnt sound hi tech. i thought the hi points to dragonfly was the way it used ram?

Anonymous said...

Hey Will! I just wanted to say. Thanks so much for doing bsdtalk! Its always fun and interesting. one of my favorite podcasts.

Although I run Linux as my desktop I love hearing about BSD. And a lot of the stuff still applies.

Anyway rock on!

Anonymous said...

Hi, your podcast is the best. Love to hear everything bsd. Been a fan of your podcasts for a few years (since 2008) and listened to every show.

Please keep doing these if you can.