Saturday, May 18, 2013

bsdtalk226 - FreeBSD and Netflix

Interview during BSDCan 2013 with Scott Long, Alistair Crooks, and David Discher from Netflix.

File Info: 11Min, 5MB.

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AG said...

Would have been great if you asked them, "Why does Netflix support streaming to desktop clients on BSD or Linux platforms"? To date all Netflix supports is the dying M$ Silverlight framework. That was the white elephant in the room ;-)

BSD talk is a great show, I enjoy it immensely.

bforest said...

Netflix supports what sells and what gets them business. I use PCBSD and wish I could view Netflix on my system like I do Hallmark SpiritClips. Until we get more PCBSD users out there we can hardly ask Netflix to put the work in to support us.

I am sure their content providers require/force them to stream securely in a way that protects the content from theft/copying.

Unknown said...

what about all of us FreeBSD users who PAY their sucsription fees, i guess we dont count ??