Tuesday, September 30, 2014

bsdtalk245 - Looking for a new home

Just a short update about the server that houses the podcast files.  University IT consolidation has created some unplanned changes, but I hope to have a new server spun up soon.  Also, curious to hear what all of you use for your home directory on the Internet.

File Info: 7Min, 3MB.

Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk245/bsdtalk245.ogg


Ghwomb said...

I use Godaddy economy hosting. Enough storage and unlimited data transfer. The latter is probably important if you want to serve audio. There is also plenty of promo codes, just google godaddy promo code. So with a code I, mine was from Jupiter Broadcasting, I payed $12 for a whole year.

Charlie Ebert said...

My OpenBSD server is on an old Dell Mini 10 my daughter didn't want anymore. I put a 3tb usb hard drive on this machine for my storage.
It works really well!!!

peter-ljung said...

I have hosted my own OpenBSD servers since around 4.0 resease. My main argument for hosting my own server is that I enjoy it and the effort is really low to keep a server running. I have had very minor problems with upgrading servers and keeping them running. I don' t have a lot of traffic so I focus on simple low powered machines which just run for years without any maintenance.
I use a rsync script to do incremental backups to another local machine and backup most important data to cloud through tarsnap.
I think that OpenBSD is superior in terms of stabililty and ease of maintenance, but I haven't really made a long term comparison with alternatives.
The recent years I have also used a VPS (ArpNetworks) which I am satisfied with. The plan is to setup contious backup of files and databases to this vps as an additional security..
I also have a very stable internet connection living in Sweden.

stealie said...

I've had Time Warner for 12+ years now, and luckily they are very laid back about running servers, and services, on their cable modems. So I've had either OpenBSD, FreeBSD, or (currently) NetBSD as a /home server for the entire time.
Maybe look into AWS? It's really cheap.

Devyn Collier Johnson said...


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Dale said...

Hi there Wil, I enjoy your interviews and hope you keep up the great work.

My home server gets one of the two dynamic IP addresses provided by my ISP (I'm in Calgary, AB, using Shaw). I registered a domain with No-IP.com, and use their dynamic-dns client from the FreeBSD package system. I looked at the commercial hosting providers who officially support FreeBSD, but the monthly rates were higher than I could justify. I think I could duplicate my server for free on Amazon (2GHz single-core, 512MB RAM, 20G drive...), but couldn't justify the time away from my primary project to figure out how (it does not seem exactly straight-forward from traffic on freebsd-questions).

This is an entirely adequate solution for me, although I've noticed the firewall at work has issues with my dynamic IP address (but then it blocks anything remotely connected to network admin anyway).


Transparency with Trust

P.S. I had to call Shaw technical support (in Halifax!) to have the second IP address re-enabled after the last time a Shaw was on-site (installing a new PVR). The network support tech said a second IP address is an exception, but still included in the residential package. If traffic demand increases, or I simply must have a static IP address, I'll consider Shaw's lowest-tier business package.

Scott I. Remick said...

I'm working on setting up a FreeNAS server at home. For website stuff, I used to use PowWeb back when they were FreeBSD-based and awesome. Unfortunately, they sold out and went to hell, so I switched to MDD Hosting. Not FreeBSD, but hard to beat the service. http://www.mddhosting.com/support/aff.php?aff=099

Martian said...


My modern cloud /home is hosted in VPS at tilaa.com. I have tried also domestic environment for /home server, but found out that it can never be reliable. tilaa.com is not too expensive, not too cheap either, but supports FreeBSD and service is good and you have abilities to scale on demand without service interruption. Worth giving a try may be.

Klaatu said...

I have an account at SDF and have had for about 7 years. It is a great home-away-from-$HOME, and has a few different levels of support so that I can scale up or down depending on what I need from one year to the next. They run NetBSD.

Unknown said...

Starting with this episode ogg RSS feed is not updated. I genuinely thought that there was no new content...