Wednesday, November 19, 2014

bsdtalk248 - DragonFlyBSD with Matthew Dillon

An interview with Matthew Dillon about the upcoming 4.0 release of DragonFly BSD.

File Info: 43Min, 20MB.

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Charlie Ebert said...

I can remember when Matt Dillon was president of FreeBSD back during the 3.x era just before FreeBSD got SMP support.

FreeBSD used to be the fastest OS on earth. FreeBSD would beat Linux performance in every category.

Today, FreeBSD is no longer the fastest OS of the bunch. FreeBSD has morphed into this large storage capacity, multi pathed network, super server thing.

And Matt went on to build what is the fastest OS on the earth, DragonFly BSD.

I tried PCBSD and noticed how much work went into this project to make it the ultimate server. The goal was to make a desktop but, there was no touchpad support on PCBSD 10.1 setup for a user to manipulate.

I have the utmost respect for Matt because he seems to be the only one of the BSD community which seems to have a direction and will follow through with the direction stated.

Matt understands perfectly what BSD needed to keep up with Linux and eventually overcome it.

And I think that's why people respect Theo and OpenBSD as well.
These two gentlemen broke away from these social structures which have lost their directions and made excellent OS's.

I just hope all their efforts aren't killed off by systemd.
For Matt is absolutely right.
Systemd is a threat to what we thought was a FOSS community.

Anonymous said...

+1 to Charlie

I just admire the way Matt has worked to get a BSD to be faster and better than the Linuxes, which have tons more corporate support behind them. I have observed there is no formal sign this or sign that agreement in either DragonFlyBSD or OpenBSD.

I am a OpenBSD user but an observer of DragonFlyBSD.