Saturday, April 30, 2016

bsdtalk264 - Down the Gopher Hole

Playing around with the gopher protocol.   Description of gopher from the 1995 book "Student's Guide to the Internet" by David Clark. Also, at the end of the episode is audio from an interview with Mark McCahilll and Farhad Anklesaria that can be found at

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Robert Bigelow said...

Important talking points by the developers of the protocol and distributed document delivery system. Simple. Low bandwidth requirements. Most importantly, the server makes order out of chaos. I uses a universal file hierarchy that transcends system architectures. Bonus include bookmarks and an indexed search engine (I didn't know they began with Gopher). Coolness points for using TurboGopher during the demonstration.

Rick said...

SDF ( offers gopherspace on their NetBSD servers.

Kenneth Udut ( - Naples News, Info, Jobs) said...

I reaquainted myself with Gopher after a too-long absence. On sdf, my acct (kudut), I put a copy of the Dewey Decimal (DDC) schedule in folders and then used a marvelous AI designed as a helper for librarians to give its opinion as to where my collections of out of context writings since 1989 (nothing of significance) would go as if they were a part of a library that blew up and it needed to be pieced together. 35000+ of them and gopher has had no problem with speedy document delivery. [It's a weird weekend project I've been on since Friday - but it's an idea I've wanted to do for a couple of years now, and Gopher was the perfect medium for depositing the content].
-Ken [kudut] @ sdf