Saturday, August 26, 2023

bsdtalk267 - Interview with Hans Petter Selasky

Interview by Michael Dexter with FreeBSD developer Hans Petter Selasky who passed away this summer in a traffic accident in Norway.

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Anonymous said...

Tragic accident but nice to have a new episode of bsdtalk. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely ghoulish. Very poor taste.
How long ago was this interview recorded?

stealie said...
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Anonymous said...

Mixed feelings on this one. Glad to have learned more about him, but posthumously published can be hard on those who were closest to him.

Michael Dexter said...

Dear Anonymous,

I too was concerned that posting an interview from 2008 would be in bad taste.

Accordingly, I inquired publicly on Mastodon if I should edit the "unsalvageable" recording and the feedback was 100% positive, including from author and BSDCan team lead Michael W. Lucas. So I proceeded to invest half a day into what was normally a two hour task, doing my best with the recording.

Having seen your comment while at EuroBSDcon, I reached out to more colleagues, including the EuroBSDcon Program Committee Lead, Peter N. M. Hansteen from Norway, and Patrick McEvoy of the NYC*BUG, BSDTV, and the A/V team. All were positive given that they found no malice in recording or its presentation.

Patrick circulated a memorial book that many of us signed for Hans Petter's family, and Will and I will not hesitate to remove the recording if the family has any issues with it.