Monday, January 09, 2006

bsdtalk005 - Unique Utilities


FreeBSD-SA-06:04.ipfw - An attacker can cause the firewall to crash by sending ICMP IP fragments.

Unique Utilities:
  • sushi - Part of the NetBSD 1.6 release. Has the same goals as sam on HP-UX, smit on AIX and other menu-driven configuration tools. How well does it work?
  • sysinstall - Part of FreeBSD 2.0. Menu driven installer that can later be used to configure the system. From the man page: "This utility is a prototype which lasted several years past its expiration date and is greatly in need of death."
  • OpenBSD doesn't try to use any home grown graphical configuration tools.

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Anonymous said...

Right on about the whole justifying needlessly complex config file formats with GUI utilities.