Tuesday, February 14, 2006

bsdtalk017 - Interview with FreeBSD Release Engineer Scott Long

Interview with FreeBSD Release Engineer Scott Long.

(Did I call it FreeBSDTalk in the intro? Oops!)


Anonymous said...

Loved the interview with ScottL. As a non-programming sysadmin I'm always extremely curious about what's going on in -HEAD and used to love reading the summaries on http://excel.xl0.org/FreeBSD which are now sadly no longer done. I think a monthly status report from people such as ScottL that both monitor -HEAD and can explain it to laymen would be a very popular feature. Again, thanks for the podcasts and am looking forward to more interviews (McKusick, Lehey, RWatson, JHubbard, etc.) Of course that may just be a pipe dream but ya never know!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank you very much for these

A bit short but with time ... :-)

Anyway, thanks a lot for making the effort,
I find them very interesting.

Kind regards from Switzerland.

Anonymous said...

Very nice interview with Scott. I would have liked a questions like:
*) Who does FreeBSD appeal to?
*) What is the main difference between where Linux and FreeBSD is going?

Anonymous said...

very nice interview.. interesting, informative, long, good... only that it was rather difficult for me non-native english speaker to catch everything scott says.. it'd be great if the quality of recording could improve or the speakers would try to slow down, speak up and articulate.. asking too much? :o)