Monday, January 23, 2006

bsdtalk008 - No Cost BSD Shell Accounts

PC-BSD 1.0RC2 Released with KDE 3.5.
  • Desktop-oriented OS with easy package manager.
  • Similar in concept to Darwin's application bundles.
No Cost BSD Shell Accounts:


Janaka Wickramasinghe said...

Awesome stuff.. looking forward for more podcasts..

kdrlx said...

I have been listening to this podcast since the first episode and I think it rocks. I am primarily a Linux user and this podcast has made me think about learning the BSDs as well. Still I think the great BSDs are more of geeky stuff.:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Will, great podcast! I was impressed that you'd heard of Acorn and its application directories (bundles) as prior art for Apple Darwin's bundles. It's mainly a UK based OS so I'm curious to know where you heard of it. Perhaps you've tried the X-Windows desktop based on RISC OS called ROX and ROX-Filer.

Anonymous said...

Your posting scripts removed the word RISC OS from just after the Acorn in my previous message, and completely missed the closing anchor tag which I know was correct because I double checked it. The previous post contained TWO links:


I daren't wrap those in anchor tags for fear they'll go wrong again.

Mr said...

I read about Acorn and ROX on Wikipedia while researching the bundles.

Anonymous said... does have a lot of advertising and it can be quite irritating ...solution, use "privoxy" which is in the ports and in pkgsrc

Dren said... offers free shell accounts (FreeBSD)

Anonymous said... offers OpenBSD shells.

Anonymous said...

great posts, i'm always looking for the next podcast, seriously, for me, you can not keep them come fast enough. as for free shell accounts, check out they offer free shell accounts for linux (redhat, mandrake, suse, debian)/bsd (free, open, net)/plan 9/openVMS (alpha, vax)/ultrix/solaris/HP-UX/true64/irix/qnx/aix